Swedish Prime Minister to lead oil independency commission

Yesterday in conjunction with his speech at the annual Congress of the Social Democrat Party the Swedish Prime Minister, Göran Persson underlined the importance of breaking oil dependency before 2020 by announcing his intention to personally lead a commission to initiate activities towards this goal.

The purpose is to create a holistic view of regional policy, industrial and agricultural policy. The commission will initiate activities, coordinate and possibly run pilot projects.

Says Göran Persson” Our energy production shall not produce waste that needs storing for thousands of years or emissions that damage our climate.”

“We must transport ourselves and our goods in a way that does not damage nature,” he continues.

The Prime Minister emphasised the need for solidarity with the aged and coming generations and did not want a society that left people to their own devices when Hurricane Katrina swept over them. He also warned against the conservative view that problems can be solved by attacking those with the problems: “It is not the unemployed who are responsible for all the unemployment,” he said.

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