Return to PORENA. Max is back!

You probably remember our colleague Max Wahlter, who took part in our visualizing sessions earlier.

Worried about losing his job, while his journal was downsizing Max had tried to find a new source of income, sustainable inventions.

He had come across the technique of Image Streaming, invented by Dr. Win Wenger. With Image Streaming you “see” the invention immediately, no “brain storming” needed. You then work backwards to verify your insight and work out what it was you actually saw.

The techniques worked fantastically well for Max, so much so he had been able to publish the transcripts of his imaging sessions as well as follow up notes as the book “Inventing for the Sustainable Planet”. Trouble was, he hadn’t really found one good commercial sustainable invention. Every visit he “made” to places with sustainable technology showed him technology already in use. What was different was the social organization of the community around him.

The community had abolished work, money and cars and that was just the start. Anyway, he got a lot of criticism for the book as well.

  • Reads like a manual.
  • You should not write in the first person, you should write in the third.
  • The whole thing is a lulu. Abolish work, live in harmony with nature, everyone wants to do that. The real challenge is how you convince people to let go of all their jobs and cars and stuff and start working with their hands more.

The last one had got Max thinking. Having nothing better to do he decided to take up the challenge:

We have received for publication a series of Image Streams addressing just that issue: how did it all happen in the beginning.

Watch this space.

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