Think out of the box my fanny

I saw this advert ”think outside of the box”. This company were selling a car.
As a champion of sustainability my first reaction was ”If that is the best they can do when they think out of the box – come up with a CAR- god help us all” and ”If that is what they want consumers to do, if thinking out of the box is buying a CAR there really is no hope for this oil addicted society”

Think outside of the box – buy a CAR – Jesus – I am on the wrong planet.

O yeah and while I’m railing off – SAABs adverts in Stockholm ”If Saab had built this escalator is would do 200 km/hr. ” Jesus H Christ that would mean very few could afford it, it would kill quite a few a year and be responsible for a large amount of global warming. And the ad was place by the stairs.

Where is sustainable planet thinking? Is this a last desperate attempt by the oil based industries to get us to part with our money so they can carry on their conservative ways?

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