debriefing imagestreams

I have found debriefing to be extremely valuable. And insights continue to fall into place sometimes years after an imagestream.

I always like to tape the session on my digital recorder (mp3 player) and then type up the notes.

I then like to clean the notes up and publish on my website.

Sometimes I need to read them a few times to “get” what the insight is.

But that it just the beginning.

Here is my list of questions I ask myself. And it is good practice to ask these methodically, and keep them in your notebook for future reference.

1) List everything that surprised you

2) Draw diagrams and write descriptions of inventions you found

3) Try to sketch “realia” e.g. information posters, signs, powerpoints – make models maybe

4) List what is to be verified and go do it.

5) What could you use TODAY

6) What questions remain

7) Notes about the methodology itself – if I can improve it for next time, what I learned.

8) Other musings, sidebands etc.

My last imagestream experiment was to find a way to use conventional money to promote sustainable development. It became “units of trust”.

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