Second Life; Looking for land

Looking for Land

Still thinking about the IC in Second Life. It is a common thing that groups looking to set up an Intentional Community start looking for land at an early stage. I don’t know why – maybe because they want to get going quickly – or maybe because they think if they find the right land the rest will fall into place.

My real life community did this. But we always found a reason why it was not right. We had not got the finance clear and we didn’t have an idea of what we really wanted to do – but we looked for land. We heard of a group of vegetarians who started looking for somewhere they could grow food together so they could live as vegetarians when they were pensioners – they were afraid the old folks’ home would not serve decent vegetarian food. That was way back in the 80s. According to my friend, they are still looking. They couldn’t find anything they liked. After a while we realized we should reevaluate – define what we were looking for and why. We should look into vision, finance and rules and criteria – and agree.

Second life is fun to search for land in – you can fly around and see it all from the air! So much you feel you would like to do – create a place of beauty.

Flying looking for land 003B

Anyway. This is my idea of the main elements of an intentional community in Second Life.

IC in SL

PUBLIC AREA A Very Beautiful Place

Just an area of natural beauty with a lake, a beach, forests, water falls etc to walk around in and chill out – maybe walk with a loved one or a friend to have a chat. An open air dance area and large area for public meetings.


Stalls selling things to do with IC – like books, contacts to trainers, facilitators, courses etc.


An exhibition on what IC is all about.


The main function would be to run IC information and training. Could also be sued for large meetings of the IC. I envisage facilities like a DVD screen and screens for showing Powerpoints and performances.


If they wanted to , ICs in formation could meet here in a circle to make important decisions.


Modelled on the RL FINDHORN communitiy. We portion off land so residents can build their own houses close to our activities.

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