We are getting closer to the poverty line

How far is the current oil price stimulated price hikes eroding life quality? It’s going fast.
And it will probably get a lot worse as people take the easiest way out, like buying cheap cars.

Just chatting on Second Life yesterday an acquaintance from the US said that she is already eating canned and frozen food as fresh food is too expensive given the rise of gasoline prices and food in general. For a treat she had fresh chicken the other day. What a life! And she has a full time job! It looks to me as if this is all going faster than we could imagine.

Actually, there is a need for real innovation in how taxes are set up. Instead of imposing import restrictions, why not just reduce the corporate tax burden on a sliding scale depending on how many citizens you employ? I reckon you could waive sales tax and tax on profits for corporations and small companies that had one employee or more per $100,000 in annual turnover.

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