Herd mentality astutely described on How to save the World

Dave Pollards excellent blog asks why we are looking for leaders now that the counter-sustainable nature of the economic system is coming to light, and blame is being laid left to right.

One of Dave’s points is that we don’t have any leaders who have more of a clue than the rest of us. And any clue they have is used to make sure they are OK themselves.

Dave hit the nail on the head. With consumer’s and taxpayer’s money, an education system has been built up. Those with the best educations are those at the helm of banks, corporations, political parties and other bodies who are basically screwing us over.

The majority of people do not want war in Iraq, poverty, and DO want health care and social security. So why isn’t it that way? Because we have abdicated to the very people whose education we paid for. And it is just these people who will not take the hit as the economies of the world go into downward spiral. The Latin Americans refused to have anything to do with the World Bank and the IMF and now they are asking ambassadors to leave. Do they know something we don’t? Maybe they have been screwed over so many times by well educated Chicago boyz that they have learned something… I wonder…

As the world goes into economic turmoil, it is us ordinary folks who are at an extreme disadvantage. We are unprepared, we do not have robust contact networks, we do not own land or facilities and we are still hoping that someone, somewhere has a good plan. As you say, somewhere there is a LEADER who will, like Robin Hood, take charge. If you are reading this, thinking “naaah they will think of something” just remember that what they are thinking does not have your best interests in mind

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