Thoughts from the man’s weekend leadership workshop

here are my notes, gathered from my recent tweets from the workshop MAN IN MISSION.


#12 after having spent the weekend in the circle of men I seem to be even more appreciative of female energy!
#11 It is not a male culture we live in, but one of D.I.E domination, individualism, exclusion. Hostile to men AND women.
#10 Every man needs to develop all their archetype roles: lover, warrior, magician, king
#9 we strive to be the men that make clear commitments and deliver on them concientiuosly
#8 Amazing how calm and secure the feeling is of being in the circle of men.
#7 when we put our overalls on and jump into dig the ditch together all barriers of profession and class dissolve.
#6 I have the gifts I have and they are both sufficient and needed.
#5 we see out civilisation is on its way to collapse, but wonder; what can we do?
#4 put pumpkin seeds in your porridge it is good for your prostrate.
#3 first when the tribe closes the circle do all the members’s unique gifts shine.
#2: Leave some space for God in your life.
#1 the passage from boy to man is too important to be left to school, corporation or state.

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