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Swedish Transition hub takes off at Rural Parliament

This week, stakeholders in social economy and rural development in Sweden are gathering in the town of Sunne to hold what they call the “rural parliament”. It is a gigantic annual undertaking, bringing politicians, local government, international partners, rural development agencies and interest organisations together. The organisation, “All Sweden shall live”(HSSL) is host, and by the way, also a hub partner for Transition Network. A healthy splash of entrepreneurship is displayed in the exhibition hall, with banks and insurance companies vying for attention with solar panel suppliers and sustainable home heating system. And for the first time in its 11 year history, the Transition movement is represented. Invited to give international guests an update on Transition in Sweden, and wandering around totally impressed by the organisation, I can’t help but feel I am seeing a glimpse of how the Transition movement might look in the very near future.Read More »Swedish Transition hub takes off at Rural Parliament