Tools for a Sustainable Planet

Join the Imagestreaming Workshops in Stockholm

The evenings of Thursday 2 and 9 September, Open World Café , Stockholm hosts an exclusive Imagestreaming training with Stephen Hinton.

(The book Inventing for the Sustainable Planet was written using Imagestreaming)

The workshop is designed to give you the latest ” behind the eyes” techniques to access your hidden creativity to apply to problem solving and inventing.

You will leave with a tool-box of ways to come up with and implement innovations. And, depending on what you choose to work on during the workshop, maybe a whole new innovation.

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The Units of Trust scheme investing in local, sustainable enterprises

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Units of trust are simple investment devices based on preferential debentures. Put simply, you invest money in a company you purchase from regularly. You do not get back money primarily from the company, but you get what money can buy – goods, services, or use of physical assets. When you wish, you can get the original investment back.

Of course, any company can issue an investment instrument like this, but we believe a local scheme has several advantages.

1) Education: the effort needed to explain to the public and to entrepreneurs is shared amongst those companies participating

2) Recognition. Local consumers will recognise the scheme and a shared scheme carries more credibility

3) Comparison. If units are valued similarly across the board, investors will be able to compare and contrast offerings from local companies.Read More »The Units of Trust scheme investing in local, sustainable enterprises

Sustainable provision of water and food – the Water and Food Award

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This is an extract from my  presentation as Application Manager of the Water and Food Award at  the recent Ambassadors event at the Marriott hotel in Copenhagen on 2 March 2010.

They say that at the beginning of every century, major changes, inconceivable in the previous century, manifest themselves. In the last century few thought man could fly, but here we are! What are the inconceivable changes awaiting us in this century? We hear people saying that feeding everyone on the planet is one of these grand challenges that we inconceivably can win over. At present, over one billion are starving and the population is set to increase in our lifetimes, or the lifetimes of the generation after ours, to nine billion.

Our task at WAF is bring attention to the situation and the challenge in a way that offers a message of hope. That means promoting sustainable solutions to feeding the planet. But what is a sustainable situation?Read More »Sustainable provision of water and food – the Water and Food Award