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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Can we have economic growth AND eliminate all pollution? TSSEF thinks so.

It may sound impossible to you as you have probably heard that environmental destruction is the price we pay for economic growth. However, it is just as clear that environmental destruction is the price future generations pay for environmental destruction. If you get what I mean. Many economists I have met have looked at me […]

If the economy were like one household

We could see the national economy as one household. In this household everyone gets fed, and the money coming in  covers the bills. Simple. But not really. Following the first great financial crisis of this millennium, many nations are struggling with high unemployment, soaring budget deficits and crippling debt servicing costs. The temptation arises to introduce […]

White Papers

WHAT COULD IT TAKE TO MAKE THE ECONOMY GO GREEN? This white paper discusses the challenge of replacing fossil-fueled supply chains with less energy-intense renewable solutions whilst rapidly reducing the carbon in the atmosphere. It suggests that a complimentary currency, backed by carbon fees and pledges from landowners to sequester carbon using soil and biochar, could be […]