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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Flexible emission fees set new direction towards sustainable development

A recent report from The Nordic Council of Ministers ( title: Flexible emission fees An incentive for driving sustainable production and consumption) is optimistic that growth and environmental goals can be reconciled. If the conclusions of the report can be implemented, it could set a new direction towards sustainable development. The starting point for the […]

How Flexible Emissions Fees Can Drive Sustainable Development

ONE APPROACH TO CLEAN-TECH: TAKE EXISTING TECHNOLOGY AND ADD LAYERS OF CONTROL AND CLEANING Volvo engineer Anders Höglund managed to make a diesel engine burn clean by adding sophisticated control technology, thanks to advanced sensors and electronics. To make it even cleaner he added a catalyst converter to the exhaust. The story of the clean […]

Money makes the world go …. green?

Just suppose we all decided  – and I mean all of us, politicians, corporates, national economic policy experts, universities, bus drivers, dog owners .. you get the idea… to demand that, apart from everyone doing their level best to live sustainably, that a monetary system would be put in place to drive development in that […]

Economic reality check with Professor Tim Jackson

The economic system we have is incapable of delivering the transition to a zero or negative carbon system we need, says professor Tim Jackson. The system pulls economic resources through the system.  If we not buy the system crashes, but if it continues we are in debt with a degraded environment. This is about  people […]

Circular economy in diagrams: where logic breaks down and where financial incentives can work

Are your circle economy diagrams confusing your audience? This article aims to help you communicate clearly. As a staunch aficionado of reaching a resilient economy through sustainability I am all for circle economy thinking- if it ensures people get food on the table and a roof over their heads. Unclear delivery will not help our […]

Is there a cure to stabilize an economy?

The modern economy has undoubtedly given better lives to millions. However, despite years of experience and development of macroeconomic theory, despite decades of Nobel prizes in Economics, there still doesn’t appear to be a way to run an economy without putting severe hardship on a large percentage of the population. And this state of affairs is […]

Jevons paradox bust by new emissions fee mechanism.

Many inventors’ eyes glaze over in wonder at the thought of having the opportunity to invent clean, more efficient,  technology. If only there were a market for it, the most wondrous machines could be manufactured and sold at a huge profit, they reason. And pollution would stop. But more effective solutions actually, according to the […]

The sticky problem of trade deficits

But what about the balance of trade? By Anders Höglund with Stephen Hinton Trade imbalances which persist for long periods of time tend to warp the infrastructure of the economy and create imbalances which will harm the economy in the long run. Sooner or later these structural imbalances will have to be remedied at a […]

We need to stop interfering with the Nitrogen Cycle, too.

Many have earlier pointed out how fossil fuel emissions and the handling of the phosphor cycle need to be regulated. For this the Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation propose a flexible emissions taxes. But are more needed? A new report, cited in the INDEPENDENT calls for changes to how we handle nitrogen. The report by 200 […]

White paper shows how market forces can tackle carbon dioxide and phosphorus challenges

This updated White Paper How Flexible Emissions Fees Can Drive Transition to Fossil-free and Sustainable Living explains why we need to discourage supply chains from emitting waste into the natural environment. It also explains that what we call waste could be a resource in another supply chain if the economic context were to encourage recycling. […]