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Signals of Peace – CIrcular Economy Special

Our analysis of signals of change in the world tell us that there are major changes being called for.

Eliminate poverty – we already decided

The Sustainable Development goals set a new precedent for human development and it is still sinking in that the majority of countries in the world have signed up to eliminating poverty (SDG1) and hunger (SDG2) and eliminating threats to the environment. […]

Imagestream: a place called Rechargé – a place to recharge.

At the Transition Town Hubs gathering in Santorso, Italy we were given a task to do on our own: How can we recharge together? I lay down in the green grass in the park, put my tape recorder on and did an imagestream. Imagestreaming; You just describe and dictate what you see.   The idea of Read more about Imagestream: a place called Rechargé – a place to recharge.[…]

Transition Camp and Circle Way Celebration

Slappna av, leka, lär – var med och semestra som en del av utvecklingen av en ny  en kultur av Omställning, För omställare, tribe up  people, och familjer som söker en semester med likasinnade från Nordeuropa11 Juli 14:00 – 15 Juli 16:00 på Mundekulla KonferenscenterTa med dina vänner och barn  till denna härliga sommarläger. Lägret erbjuder Read more about Transition Camp and Circle Way Celebration[…]

Join us in Sweden for a holiday, Transition-style!

TRANSITION CAMP 2016 Relax, play, learn in a culture of Transition For transitioners, tribe up people, and families looking for a holiday shared with like-minded people from Northern Europe July 11th 14:00 – July 15th 16:00 at Mundekulla Conference center Bring your friends and children along for this beautiful summer camp. The Camp offers an Read more about Join us in Sweden for a holiday, Transition-style![…]

Capitalism explained

  Everybody talks about capitalism – but what is it? | Kajsa Ekis Ekman | TEDxAthens Capitalism is production for profit in private hands according to Kajsa. And ordinary people are stuck between asking employers for enough wages to pay their bills and banks who want enough money to pay their loans.

Circular economy in diagrams: where logic breaks down and where financial incentives can work

Are your circle economy diagrams confusing your audience? This article aims to help you communicate clearly. As a staunch aficionado of reaching a resilient economy through sustainability I am all for circle economy thinking- if it ensures people get food on the table and a roof over their heads. Unclear delivery will not help our cause. We talk of circle economy from two angles: economy as a form of housekeeping and economy in terms of monetary flows. These are not always the same thing. The final section suggests a solution.



(In Swedish) Lokal Ekonomisk Utveckling

För första gången på flera generationer verkar nästa generation komma att ha det mycket svårare än den föregående. Det har vuxit fram en insikt att det kanske inte planeras några räddningspaket från någon myndighet, utan att det är dags för vanliga människor att åstadkomma något själva. Redan nu poppar det upp lokala ekonomiska initiativ överallt. Enskilda initiativ har kanske ingen större betydelse, men tillsammans vävs en ny berättelse. Det börjar lokalt med en omställning till ett mer resilient, hållbart sätt att leva. En resilient hållbar lokalekonomi. […]

Strategic Newsletter Launches: September Edition 2013

Signals of Change newsletter  monitors the news flow from a wide variety of sources from the last 30 – 60 days for developments that could inform your organization’s social and environmental strategy which in turn could affect your overall business strategy.  Signals of Change Newsletter is produced in  cooperation between the Open World Foundation, the Institute of Swedish Safety and Security and Stephen Hinton Consulting.

The newsletter is released once a month to subscribers only. (To subscribe and be fully up to date – it’s free – click here). The newsletter is released a few weeks later for public reading on partner websites. […]

Overshoot day August 20: will “economic” reality meet resource reality?

Let us look at overshoot day from the point of view of economics. By economics I mean the technology of keeping track of housekeeping with resources and keeping track of material obligations to those around us.  Economics does not need to be restricted to counting with money. Other measures can be used. And it is fascinating to try it. In this case we can consider that a Nation has its own household that it needs to keep fed and housed, and has its natural resources to do it. We start with a situation however where many nations are living over their means. […]