Sustainable Christmas Present idea #1 The e-novel "Inventing for the Sustainable Planet"

Yes! Your favourite blog is now available as an e-book to give your friends to get them with the sustainability movement. It’s urgent and important but oh so fascinating.

Max Wahlter, a journalist specializing in science and technology, decides his new career is in sustainability. Having come across an innovation technique called Image Streaming he proceeds to create a vision of the sustainable society, publishing the results on his web log.

This book is a collection of his weblog postings, drawings, musings, verifications and observations. Much of it comes from this blog but there are “lost tapes” and other side-streets to be experienced.

Enjoy a ride into technology and sustainability but above all, be prepared to be challenged with what might be the deepest, best kept secrets of living sustainably yet to be uncovered.

Although the visions put forward are purely fiction, be prepared for surprises as the author seeks to verify the validity of the insights via the Internet.

Where does he get it all from?” Eduardo Miranda, author of ” Implementing the high–tech project office”.

”Most Intriguing” Andrew Bibby, Times correspondent.

“The conclusions drawn in this book are highly confronting to everyone” Shirin Laji, member of Swedish IT Commission.

Buy now – .pdf format, 68 pages, 2.6 M only $9.00 US.

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