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Monday, October 23, 2017

Berkley Councils leads the way with ZERO waste policy

Posted by steve on April 5, 2005

“If it can’t be reused, rebuilt, refurbished, reconfigured, recycled, or composted, then it needs to be redesigned-or removed from production all together.” said Dan Knapp, founder and owner of Urban Ore, Berkeley’s premier reuse retailer.

On March 22 Berkeley City Council made environmental history approving the resolution which officially adopts a 75% waste reduction goal for 2010, and establishes a Zero Waste Goal for 2020. The resolution also suggests that Solid Waste Management Commission change its name to the Zero Waste commission.

To read the minutes of the meeting follow the link below or click on the other links to read the local news.

IFTSP applauds that age-old sustainability invention: THE RESTRICTION. Nature imposes restrictions and our way of living should respect them. No landfill. Fantastic!

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