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Saturday, September 23, 2017

British Newspaper spells out grim prospects of Peak oil and calls for "war economy" response.

Posted by steve on October 2, 2005

Says the New Statesman: Such is our dependence on oil, we face a shock that will dwarf any crisis of the past. It’s a good job the government hasn’t ruled out rations – only the effort of a war economy is likely to help.

It had to happen sometime. Credit to this British Newspaper, sticking out its neck in a special supplement spelling out the grim prospects peak oil will mean for everyone and calling for drastic action on the scale of a “war economy”.

Especially interesting is the in-depth analysis of just Britain’s situation, a tiny crowded island probably not able to grow enough food without fossil fuel driven agriculture and distribution.

Excellent reading – click on the link to download the whole supplement.

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