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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Complementary Currency launched

Posted by steve on September 7, 2005

You may recall PORENA abolished money as work for money in itself was driving counter- sustainability.

Taking a leaf from the book and from the Image Streams on Lets we are experimenting with what we call COGS. Circle of gifts.

A test bed at the moment, anyone can join and start using this currency via e-mail and the web. we hope to go live as soon as we iron out the bugs (with your help of course).

Click on the link to see XCOGS!

White paper on POWERDOWN

Posted by steve on

Sixteen things organizations need to know about the impact of liquid fuels on communities as oil prices hike and availability wanes…

Click on the link or title to download the white paper on POWERDOWN.

For officers in the public and private sector alike, this paper describes the 16 aspects of the coming energy situation that organisations need to consider in order to begin to craft energy depletion management strategies.

Here they are…

  1. Oil pervades from raw material to product
  2. Demand will outstrip supply sooner or later.
  3. The issue is a liquid fuels one.
  4. No easy replacement is available.
  5. Moral challenges will overshadow technical issues.
  6. The main challenge is to maintain the carrying capacity of the Earth on less fuel.
  7. An economic slowdown – or worse – results from energy depletion.
  8. Huge supply chains will power down.
  9. Beware of the trap of looking for a technical solution.
  10. Human muscle power and animal power will re-emerge as part of the economy.
  11. Powerdown strategies for cultural change are starting to emerge.
  12. Culture change measures offer several benefits.
  13. Two other likely responses: Demand restriction and city re-planning.
  14. Less than a 20-year time frame for mitigation could seriously impact living standards.
  15. It is better to start mitigation early than late.
  16. The strategic question is how quickly your organization can respond effectively to fuel supply shortfalls

All praise to Essex County Council’s WALKING STRATEGY

Posted by steve on September 1, 2005

The Essex Walking Strategy (see link) aims to create an environment that encourages walking by considering the needs of pedestrians first.

  • promoting walking;
  • improving safety and security for pedestrians;
  • improving the quality of the walking environment;
  • introducing and maintaining walking as the primary mode of transport.

The Strategy contains objectives and targets for walking and identifies the strategies for achieving them.

All praise to Essex in understanding the fundamentals of sustainability having humans do what is natural for them: enjoying this wonderful Earth and walking around.

As we see the non-sustainability of the fueled continuous transport society as well as the couch potato/salary slave tied to computer lifestyle the simple solution of walking will come more and more to thefore.

We urge all planners , architects, forward thinkers and business people to bring walking more into focus!

We would like to see more development of hand carts and similar tools so for example:
To keep cars away from residential areas you park a long way from your house but you can still bring all luggage, shopping etc easily to your door with communal carts.