Me to climate deniers: we need to talk, like, now.

I have been following the debate from the climate denier side for a few weeks, mostly in fascination of how you can, in contrast to being a sceptic, go ahead and categorically deny the possibility that emissions into the atmosphere could create a climate system collapse.  So I figured that to be a denier you Read more about Me to climate deniers: we need to talk, like, now.[…]

Carbon Counter from Deutsche Bank

I really like the carbon counter from Deutsche bank. It gives a scientific, factual approach to the unpaid for use of common resources: our climate system. You can download your own counter from their website, too. We need more initiatives like this to present what is happening in an easy, but factual way. The bank Read more about Carbon Counter from Deutsche Bank[…]

Age of Stupid

As temporary NING-master for the Transition Sweden movement, I was invited to a pre-screening of Franny Armstrongs drama-documentary-animation hybrid ”the Age of Stupid” The film revolves around an archivist in 2055, living in a devastated world, reviewing material from 2008 and asking why people did not react sooner. The film is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, Read more about Age of Stupid[…]

White paper on Powerdown

POWER DOWN … the main business challenge of the 2010’s.  What organizations need to know about the impact of liquid fuels on communities as oil prices hike and availability wanes. For officers in the public and private sector alike, this paper describes 16 main aspects of the coming energy situation. Organisations need to consider these Read more about White paper on Powerdown[…]

World oil production and consumption set to fall

It may sound incredible, but there HAS to be a finite amount of oil in the world. The figures here are based on what is already discovered and what is thought to be available. And they are finding  less and less oil by the year.  So with the world population slated to grow by another Read more about World oil production and consumption set to fall[…]