Money makes the world go …. green?

Just suppose we all decided  – and I mean all of us, politicians, corporates, national economic policy experts, universities, bus drivers, dog owners .. you get the idea… to demand that, apart from everyone doing their level best to live sustainably, that a monetary system would be put in place to drive development in that Read more about Money makes the world go …. green?[…]

Is there a cure to stabilize an economy?

The modern economy has undoubtedly given better lives to millions.

However, despite years of experience and development of macroeconomic theory, despite decades of Nobel prizes in Economics, there still doesn’t appear to be a way to run an economy without putting severe hardship on a large percentage of the population.

And this state of affairs is generally accepted.

Especially women, wives and mothers, it is women who end up suffering take from  this hardship.

The other thing that I know that women particularly care about is the environment. Again, it is also generally accepted that pollution is unavoidable and depletion of natural resources the unavoidable price for economic stability. The costs of pollution and depletion are not paid for directly by the producers or consumer, but by society as a whole. They are called externalities. Externalities, it seems, are unavoidable if we want a stable economy. […]

Suppose capitalism mimicked the way nature works.

Article updated June 6 after consideration of all the recent comments We are stuck. On the one hand you have people who talk about economic growth as being the objective of policy – necessary to be able to pay back debts and achieve prosperity. On the other hand, you have the sustainable camp that claims Read more about Suppose capitalism mimicked the way nature works.[…]

Debating Capitalism as if it exists

In my earlier post I said that my hobby of analysing capitalism from a sustainable point of view has got me to the point where I see that capitalism is actually a grammar describing the language of money. I said that there is an intellectual class paid to talk about these issues but, like linguists who have spoken a Read more about Debating Capitalism as if it exists[…]

CAPITALISM HAS FAILED. Remind me; what is it exactly?

In the excellent blog, CAPITALISM HAS FAILED, on Bill Totten’s site,  Sara Robinson, MS, APF points out the shortcomings of what she calls “the model”: The problem, in a nutshell, is this: The old economic model has utterly failed us. It has destroyed our communities, our democracy, our economic security, and the planet we live on. Read more about CAPITALISM HAS FAILED. Remind me; what is it exactly?[…]

Putting a price on emissions using ecological maturity impact

The price mechanism does not provide perfect information and does not necessarily lead to a perfectly efficient distribution of resources.  Many argue that the low cost of externalizing pollution to the community is leading us to create a fossil-dependent infrastructure that will be obsolete before it has paid for itself. This briefing from the Swedish Sustainable economy Read more about Putting a price on emissions using ecological maturity impact[…]

Sweden’s plans for energy intensity transition look shaky

I promised in my last blog in the series capitalism: a hobby to delve into the status of Sweden using my ideas of capital value. Before I do that, however I need to give readers an idea of the over-riding plans that Sweden has for energy intensity reduction. We saw from previous analyses that oil Read more about Sweden’s plans for energy intensity transition look shaky[…]

Economic growth in the sustainable community: can we or can’t we?

In this next foray into capitalism I want to explore the question of growth. Note that I still have not defined what capitalism is. Instead, I have taken the idea of capital and explored how the concept of capital  works together with sustainability and resilience.

This time I want to consider economic growth.We hear different ideas: economic growth can continue indefinitely as it is just a mirror of human genius and innovativeness. On the other hand, some say economic cannot continue on a finite planet.

Let us look first, then at how nature grows and see if we can find some insights into how capital can grow, and what economic growth would look like through the eyes of sustainability.

Growth = ecological maturity increase

Ecologists describe how all eco-systems strive to become mature.  You probably have the idea somewhere in the back of your mind, how smaller animals give way to large predators, small plants become forests, rushing water becomes a swamp, etc.


The secret to turning capital into something sustainable and useful

This is interesting. I started out to make capitalism my hobby and have got stuck posting about what capital is. My revelation from the last post was if you add up all the debt in the world, and then you add up all the money people possess in the world you get – zero. This is Read more about The secret to turning capital into something sustainable and useful[…]

If Mother Nature does most of the work, why is she not paid?

Still on the subject of a sustainability-interested layman’s hobby of delving into Capitalism, and before I define Capitalism, I would like to stay on the subject of what Capital is, or rather not what it is worth but how it is used. DEFINING NATURAL CAPITAL Natural Capital is easy to define in terms of ecological Read more about If Mother Nature does most of the work, why is she not paid?[…]