Transition in Sweden supported by Environmental Minister

The spread of Transition Towns in Sweden got a big push forward recently from the Swedish Minister for the Environment, Lena Ek. Speaking at a meeting with Hela Sverige Skall Leva, the Swedish folk movement that hosts Transition in Sweden, she said: (Our translation from Swedish) “It was so great to get back to Stockholm Read more about Transition in Sweden supported by Environmental Minister[…]

Can we have economic growth AND eliminate all pollution? TSSEF thinks so.

It may sound impossible to you as you have probably heard that environmental destruction is the price we pay for economic growth. However, it is just as clear that environmental destruction is the price future generations pay for environmental destruction. If you get what I mean. Many economists I have met have looked at me Read more about Can we have economic growth AND eliminate all pollution? TSSEF thinks so.[…]

Meet me at the Sustainability Conference in Sweden 17-18 July

2nd Sustainability Conference 17-18 July in Mundekulla, near Emmaboda, Sweden. This year’s theme: “Man and Nature” “Think seven generations forward in every important decision” Native American proverb Scientists, business leaders, politicians and ordinary people are increasingly beginning to question our lifestyle. How has it become the way it is  and what can we do about Read more about Meet me at the Sustainability Conference in Sweden 17-18 July[…]

Transition Conference, DAY THREE

Transition Conference Day Three Day three was rather diminished as I had to get to London to catch the last flight back to Sweden the same day. I did manage however to attend the Web meeting with Ed Mitchell. (Listen to an interview with Ed, he explains it better) What Transition are doing is truly Read more about Transition Conference, DAY THREE[…]

Day two of the Transition conference: crowd-shaping the future!

It’s nine o’clock in the morning at the Transition Conference and time for Pattern Language. This is what I came here for. The new Transition Handbook will be based around pattern language, and as a member of the steering group in Sweden I feel it is imperative I get a handle on it.

Although I must admit it got off to a strange start. Sitting in a circle, we were all asked to express our feelings about how it feels to be a man/woman and how in my case, being a man can contribute positively to Transition. I get overwhelmed by my experience of living in Sweden where you get the feeling from many a woman that your manly attitudes, ways of thinking, predilection to follow your hormones rather than feelings and inability to put the toilet lid down are the root cause of all of Sweden’s troubles today and that if we would just get out of the way and let women show us how to do it all would be well.
I open my mouth to blurt out my inferiority complex and realise I have come to the wrong meeting. I am in the one about gender issues. I mumble something apologetic and start to leave, being followed by a couple of others. So I am relieved at least I am not the only one. […]

Quick report from Transition Conference in Devon

The end of the oil age is nigh, and politicians are working on their austerity measures and speeches about crisis. Everyone seems to have a good idea about how things should be done, but the illusion that it is working is fading as oil leaks decimate three US states, politicians are caught with their fingers Read more about Quick report from Transition Conference in Devon[…]

Transition and the Krakow declaration.

Update: Here is the latest version of the Declaration. (pdf) Krakow, Poland 20-22 May 2010. SURE, a pan-European initiative for sustainable urban-rural development concluded its two-step program with a conference to explore how at policy, regional, commercial and local level the people of Europe could connect with the challenge of sustainability and to respond in Read more about Transition and the Krakow declaration.[…]