Imagestream: a place called Rechargé – a place to recharge.

At the Transition Town Hubs gathering in Santorso, Italy we were given a task to do on our own: How can we recharge together? I lay down in the green grass in the park, put my tape recorder on and did an imagestream. Imagestreaming; You just describe and dictate what you see.   The idea of Read more about Imagestream: a place called Rechargé – a place to recharge.[…]

Imagestreamed solutions starts to become a reality in London

One of the deepest insights Imagestreaming has given me is that you can often be right without knowing why. Our mental powers combine with the creative side and the intuitive side to produce stunningly simple solutions. Another insight is that you can Imagestream a solution and find it, but not truly understand its significance. I Read more about Imagestreamed solutions starts to become a reality in London[…]

Grey water recycling imagestream

I have seen several experiments carried out where vegetable beds clean grey water. I was curious to see if I could imagestream a good way of doing this so I could experiment myself on the Eco-unit. <more links> I felt I needed clues as to how I could move forward. I tried to frame my Read more about Grey water recycling imagestream[…]

Leonado daVinci imagestreamed!

I saw an exhibition of Leonardo daVinci’s notebooks. His sketches looked very much like he was imagestreaming. They seem to just come from nowhere. A program on TV shows how they tried to take his drawings and build full scale models. One comment was that he often got things “the wrong way round” or “purposely Read more about Leonado daVinci imagestreamed![…]

New series of Newsletters

As readers may well have understood, I have been using the techniques of Imagestreaming to envision a sustainable future. To make the inventions more accessible I am offering a series of newsletters that offer stories depicting the inventions. Some recent inventions, from after the book was published are also available in newsletter form.